6 Ruby questions to Piotr Szotkowski


1. Tell us about your recent work, what have you learned/found out/achieved

RubyC welcomes Ukrainian speakers!


Dear Ukrainian Ruby Speakers! We remind you that you have until 31st of March to Register to RubyC-2017!  Follow this link http://rubyc. eu/speakers/new and let us know about yourself and your Topic! Please note, that at this point you don't have to upload the whole presentation! A short description will be fine! Finalists will be announced on the 7th of April! Don't miss your chance to present at the largest Ruby conference in Ukraine!

6 Ruby questions to Florian Gilcher


We are very excited to begin the series of interviews with our honorable speakers! With the first interview we present Florian Gilcher, a seasoned Rubyist and active member of German Ruby community. Being in the heart of local and foreign events Florian has lots experience with recent open-source projects, their problems and prospective, and on RubyC-2017 he will share his knowledge through the talk #Potential

RubyC-2017 invites everyone in Kiev!


RubyC is the major Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and related technologies. Organized annually by Svitla Systems, RubyC gathers nearly 400 Ruby enthusiasts from all over the world to discuss latest news and spend beautiful summer weekend in Kyiv

RubyC 2016 Full Video Report!


The fourth Svitla Ruby Conference (aka RubyC) took place as usual in Kiev on the 4-5th June. Organized by Svitla Systems, RubyC once again proved to be the biggest Ukrainian event devoted to Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and related technologies, having gathered almost 400 developers from all over Europe

6 Ruby questions to Aaron Cruz


Why did you choose to present “Ruby Alternatives” talk? My talk is entitled "Ruby Alternatives" and it is about some other interesting technologies that have come up in the last few years that may be a better fit in your stack than Ruby. Ruby's parallelism story is particularly weak and languages like Go and Elixir have really put these concepts first

Economize on your stay in Kyiv


Hotel “Rus”, a Host Partner of RubyC-2016, gives 20% discount to all participants. In order to receive discount you have to email the Hotel reservation@hotelrus

Safe Birds tickets are winding up!


6 Ruby questions to Mikhail Bortnyk


Why did you choose to present “Ruby in unusual environments” talk? After several visits to RubyC conferences I had the wish to participate as a speaker on it. For me it's next step and important target on my way

6 Ruby questions to Yorick Peterse


Why did you choose to present “Making GitLab Faster” talk on Rubyc-2016? The talk is based on my work from the past 8 months or so. A lot of the things learned can be used to improve performance of other Ruby/Rails applications