Today is the last day to get a ticket to RubyC-2017!


Afterparty details


Dear #RubyC-2017 participants! Please take a note that the Afterparty in the end of the first day takes place at the same venue! Thank you!

Last week left to get Safe Birds tickets


In just two weeks our 5th Ruby/Rails conference “RubyC-2017” will welcome Ruby developers from all over Ukraine and Europe in Kiev! Don't miss the chance to be a part of this event! Secure yourself one of the last discounted tickets here. Bring friends and get 10% for every second ticket! You can look forward to insight sessions, best practices and case studies where 13 experts from Germany, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine will share their experience with you

RubyC is looking for volunteers


We are looking for 4 volunteers to help us with our conference this year. Girls are all set, now we need strength and force :) We promise an access to all talks, food and drinks :) Interested? Then let us know! Nadia Beregova +380 97 852 86 71, n

How does Elixir compile/execute code?


Xavier Noria is a member of the Ruby on Rails core team, Ruby Hero, and proud author of Rails Contributors. And we are very excited to have him as a speaker this year! We are happy to share the latest article by Xavier

Special discount for RubyC-2017!


RubyC is a place to meet with old friend and make new ones! Join in! 

6 Ruby questions to Serdar Doğruyol


Serdar is a CTO at Twentify, experienced Rubyist from Turkey, and a Crystal evangelist. So if you have no faith in Crystal, there is a good chance Serdar will persuade you otherwise

Welcome RubyC-2017 hosts!


This year is very special. This year, for the first time, we welcome a foreign host on RubyC! SO! Meet Ben Lovell (aka Green Mexican) and very loved and wellknown Михаил Мац (Mats Michael) (aka Sergii Ponomarov)

6 Ruby questions to Piotr Solnica


Piotr is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience, working as Tech Lead at Icelab, as well as a well-known speaker who presents on many Ruby conferences. Last year he visited Lviv where he presented rom-rb & dry-rb, this year on RubyC he will present a new look at rom-rb

6 Ruby Questions to Bozhidar Batsov


1. Bozhidar, we do follow you on Facebook and see that you have been travelling a lot recently! How do you find working-travelling combination? I find it very energizing and refreshing