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6 Ruby questions to Mikhail Bortnyk


Why did you choose to present “Ruby in unusual environments” talk? After several visits to RubyC conferences I had the wish to participate as a speaker on it. For me it's next step and important target on my way

6 Ruby questions to Yorick Peterse


Why did you choose to present “Making GitLab Faster” talk on Rubyc-2016? The talk is based on my work from the past 8 months or so. A lot of the things learned can be used to improve performance of other Ruby/Rails applications

6 Ruby questions to Bozhidar Batsov


Why did you decide to come back in Kyiv? Because I've had a lot of fun at RubyC 2015 and I had wonderful time in Kyiv overall. Name the brightest episode for Ruby/Rails in 2015? My RubyC 2015 presentation, of course! :-) On a more serious note - I think 2015 was a relatively quiet year for Ruby, with Opal's significant progress being the brightest and most promising Ruby development as far as I'm concerned

RubyC-2016 agenda is announced!


Svitla Ruby Conference (aka RubyC) — is the biggest Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Ruby on Rails and related technologies. This year organizer Svitla Systems invites Ruby-developers in Kyiv on the first summer weekend, 4-5 June, to spend two wonderful days in a company of the most experienced Ruby-experts! For more information about RubyC-2016 agenda please visit main page of www

6 Ruby questions to Adam Niedzielski


Why did you choose to present talk “Responsible gem collector”? Selecting dependencies for your application is a topic which does not get enough recognition in the Ruby world. There are not many guides or tutorials about it so I had to learn it on my own - the hard way

RubyC is happy to announce the final 2016 speakers list!


You are welcome to explore new faces and see which talks are going to be presented. This year keeps the usual diversity of wonderful Rubyists from Ukraine and abroad, as experts from Poland, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria come to visit Kyiv

Ben Lovell answers some questions


I have been working on Ruby since THE DAWN OF TIME! It certainly feels that long but in practice I discovered, and subsequently was fortunate enough to bag my first Ruby gig way back in 2007. We didn't tend to write tests in those days

Please welcome Robert Pankowecki!


A new day and a new speaker! Robert is a Polish Ruby developer who had successfully deployed variety of Rails applications. He also worked on distributed applications using EventMachine and ZeromMQ

Welcome back Bozhidar!


We are always happy to see familiar faces at RubyC. Today we welcome back Bozhidar Batsov @bbatsov (Bulgaria), a terrific Speaker, whose last talk was amazingly popular among participants