6 Ruby Questions to Bozhidar Batsov

1. Bozhidar, we do follow you on Facebook and see that you have been travelling a lot recently! How do you find working-travelling combination?

I find it very energizing and refreshing. That's not for everyone as you need a lot of self-discipline to avoid the temptation of having fun instead of doing your job, but once you get there, there's nothing quite like it.

2. What advice do you have for those who want to work from a hammock by the sea?

Get the best 4G connection and a computer with a matte display. 😉 And plenty of coconuts - I call those "my liquid inspiration".


3. Your talks at RubyC became a good tradition. But tell us about other events you have been to?

I speak at about 15-20 events a year. Some of the recent interesting events I went to were ClojureD in Berlin, ClojureX in London, Rubyconfby in Minsk, RailsIsrael in TelAviv and EuRuKo & HackConf in Sofia.

4. What other technologies have interested you in 2016?

Clojure, Erlang and Elixir.


5. Many speakers this year talk about related technologies and their usage in terms of Ruby. How do you feel where Ruby is moving forward? What to expect?

I'll speak a bit about this in my talk, so stay tuned. 😉


6. Where are you going after RubyC? Any plans or travelling arrangements?

Likely I'll go Sweden or Kenya. Haven't solidified my travel arrangements for June yet. In general I don't like planning my trips early on. When it comes to travel I'm a pretty impulsive person.