6 Ruby questions to Serdar Doğruyol

Serdar is a CTO at Twentify, experienced Rubyist from Turkey, and a Crystal evangelist. So if you have no faith in Crystal, there is a good chance Serdar will persuade you otherwise. He is also an author of Kemal http://kemalcr.com. And a frequent speaker at various Ruby conferences. For more information please visit his personal blog http://serdardogruyol.com/ or go through our short interview, where we take a closer look on his love story with Crystal.

1. How did you and Crystal first meet? 

It was June 2015 and i heard this Ruby-ish language called Crystal. Wrote a simple Ruby program and ran it with Crystal without any changes and that's when i fell in love with it :) After that encounter, I started to use and promote Crystal. Founded Crystal Turkey, wrote Crystal for Rubyists, curated Crystal Weekly and created Kemal.


2. What do you like most about it?

Crystal is great! It's a unique programming language which combines Ruby-like beauty with C speed.  It's a testament that you can have a programming language which is so beautiful yet so fast. I believe that's a dream came true for a lot of Rubyists like me. However Crystal is not just for Rubyists, it's for everyone :) 


3. What is Crystal code compiled into? Is it compiled into a native code of some platform?

Crystal uses LLVM. When a Crystal program gets compiled LLVM does a lot of optimizations and compiles the program into native code.


4. How is Crystal faster compared to Ruby?

Crystal shines when your program is doing a lot of CPU intensive tasks. In those cases Crystal is order of magnitudes faster than Ruby. However it's not always about being faster, Ruby is awesome <3

5. Are your relations going to continue?

I believe that 2017 will be a great year for Crystal. Hopefully we'll have a 1.0 release which will make Crystal officially production-ready. Being production-ready will make Crystal more feasible for big companies and will definitely help gaining more users/contributors/sponsors. 


6. Is Kemal a Rails-like framework? How does it compare to phoenix?

Kemal is not a Rails-like framework. It's minimal, modular and fast which is more Sinatra-ish. Though it's not correct to directly compare Kemal with Phoenix, we can easily say that both are blazing fast!

See also Serdar’s article: “An Introduction to Crystal: Fast as C, Slick as Ruby”