Agenda online


Time flies when you look forward to something exciting, so we share these thrilling RubyC news in anticipation of the event. First, the full set of speakers is available on the website

English only!


We have received several questions and wanted to make it clear. RubyC is a fully English conference

Welcome newcomers! 


Here is the list of speakers who will join us this year!⚡️⚡️⚡️ ♦️ Halász Dávid (Czechia): “How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby” ♦️ Walerian Sobczak (Poland): “Distributed stream processing in Ruby” ♦️ Aaron Cruz (Austria): “Steal This Talk” ♦️ Dan DeMeyere (US): “Misadventures in Continuous Delivery for the Largest Online Apparel Resale Marketplace” ♦️ Yevhen Kuzminov (UA): “A year with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes" ♦️ Alexey Vasyliev (UA): “Application Security for Rails Engineers” ♦️ Михаил Бортник (UA): “Panel discussion (Open talk)” There you go! All speakers are announced. Visit https://rubyc

Early Birds, last week


Early Birds Tickets fly fast! Catch them until 14 April! https://rubyc. eu/#tickets ✈️ 14 brilliant speakers from all around the globe

Meet final line up on 15 April


RubyC-2019 CFP is closed! The total number of application is over 40 from people all around the world: US, India, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This is amazing! We are truly touched, happy, and thankful to everyone who applied! Next two weeks will be the hardest, as we have so very limited number of slots

CFP closes on Sunday!


We kindly remind those who wish to speak at RubyC-2019 that time is running out on 31 March! Looking forward to your thoughts, stories, pains, wins and first-hand experience! The best criteria for the talk: make it useful, people should be able to use it the next day they come back to work. You are welcome to register multiple ideas

Katrina Owen: Exercism, and her journey to RubyC-2019


Intro RubyC-2019 counts itself very lucky for the chance to welcome Katrina Owen, a very talented US programmer, polyglot developer, Ruby Hero award winner, author of ‘99 bottles’, who at the moment works at GitHub as an Ecosystem Engineer, focusing on low-level plumbing of REST APIs. Katrina is famous for creating and mentoring Exercism, a programming exercise platform with thousands of contributors that is geared to helping programmers at all levels improve their programming skills through practice and mentorship

RubyC-2019 announces first speakers!


RubyC is the European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails, and other related technologies hosted annually by Svitla Systems in Kyiv, Ukraine. Every year, the conference attracts almost 400 participants and 14 brilliant speakers who exchange knowledge, discuss trends, and share learnings about innovations that transform our work and lives for the better

1st of March!


March 1st is a traditional day when we announce the first part of speakers. 🌼🌸🌺 We are very excited, making last preparations and arrangements! Visit our website on the first spring day to learn more! ⚡️ And we remind that we still accept CFPs, so if you want to visit RubyC-2019 to deliver a talk, register here https://rubyc

Call For Papers is open!


Dear All! We congratulate everyone with the upcoming Christmas and New Year Holiday Season! Wish you to spend the most joyful time with your family and friends. ☃️ As you might have noticed, next year RubyC will take place on September 14-15th, but we try to keep the usual schedule so the first Speakers will be traditionally announced on 1st March! If you wish to become a Speaker – we welcome you to share your ideas with us! The more the better! You can as always apply multiple times here