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RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and other related technologies. Every year we invite hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts and developers from various programming groups to exchange knowledge, discuss latest news, learn from one another, and generally have a wonderful time together. We gather on the first summer weekend in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Iryna Zayats

About speaker

Iryna's coding career began in 9th grade when she participated in her first programming competition - back when Turbo Pascal was still in style. Since then, she has been programming professionally for 10 years, half of that time in Java, and the later half - in Ruby. She has a soft spot for efficient data structures and elegant algorithms. Fun fact: Iryna once won $10,000 in a competition by memorizing a shuffled deck of 52 cards in under 1 minute.

Adventures in the World of (Algorithmic) Complexity

On RubyC, Iryna will talk about the complexity of algorithms - how it's measured, why it matters, and what are some common misconceptions.

Charles Nutter

About speaker

JRuby guy. Java Champion and Ruby Hero. Linguistics (natural and computer), music (listening and playing), games (video, board, classical, archaic), beer (all).

JRuby in 2018: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Your Apps

Coming soon

Andrzej Krzywda

About speaker

Arkency CEO , former Ruby and Rails teacher at the University of Wrocław, “Fearless Refactoring - Rails Controllers” author, Ruby books publisher, wroc_love.rb conference organizer.

From Post.create to PostPublished.new

Over the years with Ruby and Rails, I've been observing the different styles of writing code on bigger Ruby (mostly Rails) projects. Based on the code I wrote myself and the code we write and see at Arkency I have identified certain phases/styles: 

1. Early Rails Way 
2. The Rails Way 
3. The Next Way (service objects) 
4. DDD
5. DDD + Event-driven 
6. DDD + Events + CQRS 
7. DDD + CQRS + Event Sourcing 
8. Functional DDD

I'd like to present the code for each style and discuss benefits and drawbacks. I'm going to summarize with my predictions of the phases which will happen in the next years in our ever growing Ruby community. Ruby is the future!

Nick Sutterer

About speaker

Whenever Open-Source meets deep and profound debates about architecting software, and there's free beers involved, Nick must be just around the corner. Say Hi to him, he loves people.

Super ain't super: from oop to fp and beyond!

Coming soon

Paolo Perrotta

About speaker

A traveling coach and a software mentor. Author of the "Metaprogramming Ruby" for the Pragmatic Programmers.

Machine Learning Explained to Humans

It happens to all of us: that weird moment when you realize that your phone or computer just did something impossible. How the heck could an algorithm caption your pictures or understand your movie reviews? Let me show you how, by giving you the technical foundations of Machine Learning.

Tobias Pfeiffer

About speaker

Likes people. Teamplayer, Open Source Enthusiast, Software Developer, Benchmarker, TDDer, Speaker. Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript. Runs @rug_b. Loves green.

Where do Rubyists go?

Ruby is the establishment now. It’s no longer the cool new kid on the block. That’s a good thing. Many Rubyists branch out and take a look at other languages - be it part time or full time. What are similarities between those languages and ruby? Why do Rubyists choose to explore them? What are differences? How does Ruby influence these languages?

This talk will look at these languages, briefly comparing their characteristics with ruby to get a better view of the programming language landscape. Maybe it will even help you find your new favorite side project language?

Vladyslav Hesal

About speaker

Ruby developer. Javascript/Typescript developer. World-class procrastinator. Interested in security, architecture, and human interactions.

Authentication in Single Page Applications

Authentication in SPA. The old problems in a new shell. Things you should consider when implementing auth.


Our special place, a majestic three-star Premier Hotel RUS is advantageously located right in the centre of Kyiv. The Hotel clambered upon a hill in the very heart of the business and tourist districts of the capital. The famous artery street - Khreshchatyk - is just few steps away. Palats Sportu metro station is located near-by, and the Hotel offers the views of the Olympic Stadium - the main sports arena in Kyiv.

4 Hospitalna str., Kyiv Show on Google Maps





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If you have any questions about RubyC, please contact our PR manager Nadia Beregova +380 97 852 86 71, n.beregova@svitla.com