RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and other related technologies.

Every year we invite hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts and developers from various programming groups to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest news, learn from one another, and generally have a wonderful time in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This year we again meet in September. Do not worry, it is usually still warm.


Maciej Mensfeld

About speaker

I'm a software architect and engineer working with I have experience in a wide variety of business applications built using multiple Ruby frameworks. I’m particularly interested in code quality and Ruby-based applications' security. I’m an active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects including Karafka, dry-rb libraries and Bundler-Security project.

A complete guide to Ruby gems security

Ruby gems aren't fundamentally safe. Several gems were infected last year, and constant attempts are being made to do the same with others. It's not only the execution that is a problem but the installation process as well. Are there any ways for OSS users to regain control over what is being executed on their machines and their servers? Are there any ways for libraries' maintainers to provide higher transparency over what they ship? Come, find out and let's exploit the Ruby gems world together!

Hiroshi Shibata

About speaker

A member of Ruby core team. He maintains RubyGems, Rake, rdoc, psych, ruby-build, etc. and he is an administrator of and supports to develop the environment of Ruby language.

Dependency Resolution with Standard Libraries

I maintain the RubyGems, Bundler and the standard libraries of the Ruby language. So, I have a plan to make all of the standard libraries to default gems at Ruby 3. In the past, I described the detail of default gems and bundled gems at RubyKaigi and the Ruby conferences in the world. But the users still confused the differences standard libraries and default/bundled gems. After releasing Ruby 3, We need to learn about the dependency is not only "Versioning" with default gems. It caused by the between library and library over the versioning. For that reason, I need to describe the motivation of "Promoting/Demoting the Default Gems or Bundle Gems" continuously. You will learn the resolution mechanism on RubyGems/Bundler and the standard libraries of the Ruby language with my talk.

Aleksandra Karpenter

About speaker

I’m Ruby developer, live in Dnipro, love community gatherings where people share experience and knowledge. Trying to be such a person as well. I was introduced to Ruby accidentally 5 years ago and since then continued learning and working with it. Making APIs with RoR, seen some trailblazer, dry-rb and CBRA. Also I like Harry Potter.

Will be announced soon


Mikhail Bortnyk

About speaker

Mykhailo has been a web&system developer for more than 8 years, and a Team Leader for over 6 years. He works primarily in Ruby and JavaScript and is interested in virtual machines. He is a contributor to mruby/c, special version of Ruby for MCUs, and a developer of mruby-mongo driver. He is a co-founder of Kottans.

Open Talk

To keep a good tradition on Sunday morning we are having an Open Talk. Format: Q&A with speakers. Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat. 

Leonid Shevtsov

About speaker

Leonid is a systems architect at Railsware. He spent 12 years making software, and now he has a mission: design human-computer cooperation where everyone plays to their strong side. PS: You can just call him Leo.

Will be announced soon.


Yurii Artyukh

About speaker

  • frontend agency founder
  • Long time html/css coder, now having passion in animations and WebGL.
  • Doing livecoding on sundays on youtube

Will be announced soon.


Jonas Jabari

About speaker

Jonas has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and originally was building physical machines. Later realized that implementing software is also huge fun. Fell in love with Rails, learned AngularJS and node.js. At some point ended up as CTO for Almondia, a German housing startup, and built quite a big system in Rails, using classic Rails views and some Angular apps consuming the Rails JSON API, but thought UI development should be easier. Founder of a tech-oriented software startup "matestack”, developed the technology called "matestack-ui-core" and published it on Github.

Will be announced soon.


Anna Shcherbinina

About speaker

Anna with her team works on Cloud processing products for Artec3D for the past decade. Recently she started her MBA program in Luxembourg school of business, combining business perspective and deep technical experience she presents an unusual view on typical development processes.

Will be announced soon.


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