6 Ruby questions to Mikhail Bortnyk

Why did you choose to present “Ruby in unusual environments” talk?

After several visits to RubyC conferences I had the wish to participate as a speaker on it. For me it's next step and important target on my way. Moreover I have something interesting to tell.


What events have you been to in 2015?

It's hard to highlight one separate event; year 2015 was good in this sense. Most liked events for me were Pivorak #6 (Lviv RUG Conference, and I was happy to participate in it), and also RubyC-2015 with provocative speech from Bozhidar Batsov and truly great talk from Pavel Forkert.


Do you think Ruby/Rails will change in anyway?

I don't expect much from Rails, it is a mature technology already. And I hope that Ruby will move further to mobile and micro devices. We are already doing that.


Is Ruby better than other languages?

Each instrument is good when applied in correct point. At this moment Ruby is successful at web development, scripting, on mobile devices and now on MCUs. In all of these spheres we have powerful competitors, and we can borrow some interesting solutions from them. So I think other technologies can be donors.


What do you think “in 15 minutes” videos?

It would be possible to say something against but I already created videos of this type for some of my students. But I still think that books and experiments are much better.


When is Ruby likely to die?

Ruby is dead, baby. Ruby is dead. Long live mRuby!