Please welcome Robert Pankowecki!

A new day and a new speaker!

Robert is a Polish Ruby developer who had successfully deployed variety of Rails applications. He also worked on distributed applications using EventMachine and ZeromMQ. Robert loves using open-source solutions on daily basis and contributed to number of them. His priority is to deliver applications meeting business requirements that are profoundly well tested.

His topic is devoted to the Saga Pattern.

Here is Roberts comments about the talk:

"As you build more advanced solutions, you may find that certain interactions in your system depend on more than one bounded context. Order, Inventory, Payments, Delivery. To deliver one feature often many sub-system are involved. But you want the modules to be isolated and independent. Yet something must coordinate their work and business processes. Welcome the choreographer - the Saga Pattern a.k.a. Process Manager.

In my talk I would like to:

  • Describe the Saga Pattern.
  • Show how you can simply introduce it to legacy codebase using existing gems and... ActiveRecord :)
  • Describe a few examples of Saga that we have in our systems so the audience can see many places where it fits.
  • Convince everyone that it is not so hard P.S."

Join RubyC this year to hear his talk and drink some beer afterwards :)