6 Ruby questions to Adam Niedzielski

Why did you choose to present talk “Responsible gem collector”?

Selecting dependencies for your application is a topic which does not get enough recognition in the Ruby world. There are not many guides or tutorials about it so I had to learn it on my own - the hard way. Now I simply want to share my experience.


In your opinion, what was the brightest event for Ruby in 2015?

I would say that 2015 was the year of awesome Ruby projects which are not connected to Ruby on Rails. I mean Hanami (Lotus) web framework and dry-rb ecosystem.


What do you expect to change in Ruby and Rails?

I hope that Ruby on Rails will introduce some standard pattern for organizing business logic in the applications. There is a lot of code which does not fit into the controller, the view or the model.


Which technologies are Ruby rivals?

Judging by the buzz in the community - Elixir. Ruby does not have good concurrency story, so Elixir looks like a perfect fit here.


What do you think about videos like “A blog on rails in 15 minutes”?

They are awesome from the marketing point of view; when you want to "sell" the technology and make people excited. However, I would prefer to watch "Rails - 5 years perspective", because I find it more useful.


How soon do you think Ruby and Rails will end and where?

I think that Ruby and Rails will end when they completely lose their "hipster" status (so no VC is willing to fund startups using RoR) while all validated RoR startups migrate to Java or any other serious technology.