How it was in 2018

This 2018 marked the 6th anniversary of the RubyC conference, which took place the first weekend of summer in Kyiv, Ukraine and was proudly organized by Svitla Systems. The top-class European event was packed with a two-day agenda of interesting and relevant topics regarding Ruby and related technologies. So far, the estimate of attendees is as high of 370 Ruby enthusiasts and developers from around the globe including Ukraine, Australia, USA, UK, Italy, Finland, Germany, Poland, and Belarus.

The RubyC global event has been notorious for its exceptional knowledge wealth, outstanding networking opportunities, and its friendly atmosphere that sets the tone for an enjoyable and gratifying experience.

This year’s 14 speakers helped shape and deliver a brilliant set of talks that engaged attendees to expand and hone in on their passion to build great products. Additionally, this event was more inclusive and diverse than ever before since 9 out of the 14 speakers were from abroad, adding a stimulating level of points of view and new experiences to be shared.

The main points of discussion in the event were centered on:

  • The Rails framework, which has gained popularity over its 10-year history.
  • The algorithm approach to solve tasks in complex and high-performance applications.
  • The REST API and GraphQL API.
  • Machine learning and its implementations.
  • High load and high-performance computing and Ruby’s leading position.

You can learn more about these topics from the RubyC-2018 video highlights.

As always, the RubyC team and all parties involved are genuinely thankful of all the participants in this year’s event and the incredible assembly of sponsors Golden: MLSDev, Toptal and Railsware, and Ruby: RubyGarage and Carwow.

With so much more to come, please join the RubyC-2019 event on June 1-2 of next year – see you there!



Andrzej Krzywda (Poland): “From Post.create to”


Charles Nutter (USA): “JRuby in 2018: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Your Apps”


Nick Sutterer (Germany): “Enterprise Ruby - Let’s Talk Business!”


Duana Stanley (Australia): “The Art of Technical Decision Making”


Tim Rogers (UK): “Miles more maintainable: building APIs with the middleware pattern”


Vladyslav Hesal (UA): “Authentication in Single Page Applications”


Volodymyr Vorobiov (UA): “The Clean Architecture: How to Grow From Startup to Enterprise”


Artur Hebda (Poland): “Code is not important... or is it?”


Paolo Perrotta (Italy): “Machine Learning Explained to Humans”


Ivan Nemytchenko (Russia): “Rails hurts, because you're using it wrong. Let's fix that”


Iryna Zayats (UA): “Adventures in the World of (Algorithmic) Complexity”


Tobias Pfeiffer (Germany): “Where do Rubyists go?”


Victor Shepelev (UA): “A tale of query languages. Is GraphQL The Chosen One?”


Sergiy Kukunin (UA): “Clean architecture that harms your code”