How it was in 2015

Organizer, Svitla Systems Inc. expresses gratitude to all Participants, Speakers, Sponsors and Partners, who helped to organize and manage these two amazing Ruby-days!


The third RubyC has traditionally gathered a wonderful variety of Ruby-people in Kiev (30-31 May, 2015). This year we could boast with an equal number of speakers from abroad (USA, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria) and Ukraine. We were also lucky to have two Ruby-hero winners of 2014. Not to mention 260 visitors from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and even Azerbaijan! RubyC-2015 was also blessed with Sponsors support from Soft Serve (General Sponsor) and DataArt and Global Logic (Ruby Sponsors), who not only helped to actually organize such a great event, but also gave away presents and prepared fun-zone for everyone. And on the top of that, this year we had 15 girls (compared to 7 last year). If this is not success – we don’t know what is!

Day 1


Bogdan Gusiev (UA) had a huge responsibility of opening the conference with a talk “How to report a lot”. His speech has awakened everyone judging by the number of questions.










Bozhidar Batsov (Bulgaria) followed with a talk “Ruby: The Bad Parts”. A very profound talk from a real enthusiast!










Miha Rekar (Slovenia) presented a talk named “Neo4j - What is this hipster thingy?”. Watch and learn!










Petro Koriakin (Soft Serve) continued with a speech “Rubyist in Armed Forces: Retrospective”.










Erik Michaels-Ober (Germany) had nearly missed the conference, but thankfully managed to join, and we were lucky to finally hear about “Crystal programming language”.


Vladimir Melnik (DataArt) had the most sufficient suit of the day. And even more sufficient talk “Composition and Domain Model”.










And the hardest job – to finish the first day – was proudly taken by Pavel Forkert (UA) whose talk “Dependency management in Rails” kept the tired audience engaged for a whole hour!










Day 2

What can be worse than to close the first day? It’s to open the second one. Thank you Alexey Vasiliev (UA) for this and for the presentation “Automate Infrastructure with Chef and/or Ansible”.


A very Ukrainian speaker – Andrey Listochkin! And a developer, who has NEVER written ANYTHING on Ruby. Give it up to “Ember on Rails - It's Better Together!”.










Julian Cheal (UK), a true gentleman, made a real show by implementing the code into action! Watch it now! “Theme Ruby and the Internet of Things”.










Svitla was proud to present Vladislav Gorbenko, our Ruby developer who managed to involve everyone after lunch with his “Scrum as it is done in Ukraine” talk.










Ara T. Howard (USA) presented an unusual speech “The Big Mind of Developers: program like you give a damn” devoted to being a dignified personality as well as a dignified developer.










Alex Coles, a German developer, who is actually from Bath, as was found out after the second glass of beer, presented a talk “Rails: beyond the asset pipeline”.










And the hardest job ever – to close the conference – was only to be given to Ben Lovell (UK). It’s the second time Ben comes to Kiev and we are definitely making this a tradition! Go nuts! “1up! Power-ups for your development career”.









That’s all folks! Thank you all and see you all same time in 2016!