How it was in 2011

Upd. As we’ve promised recently, we prepared all videos from every speaker at RubyC 2011. As you may see, they are extremely convenient for viewing. Hope, you enjoy!

On 5-6 November 2011 Rubyc conference took place, as we mentioned couple of times before. It was one the most significant events of this year for the Ruby community, as it gathered together not only the great presenters from all over the world, but also around 200 attendees from 5 countries (Russia, Belarus, Latvia, USA, Ukraine). Organizers are saying thanks to sponsors: Helios Technologies and Hostpro and partners which helped to bring so much people. It was a pleasure doing business with all you!

So how it went?


Day 1

Attendees started to arrive to a hotel “Tourist” lobby early in the morning. Registration started at 9 am according to schedule. For those who like there was a coffee on the second floor.

The first to start his presentation at 10 am was Alexey Nayden who told about lightweight Ruby solutions other than Rails. Alexey’s plane was delayed, but instead of the lack of sleep all went well. Sequel, Sinatra, Padrino, Pow, rbenv are technologies (according to Alexey) that you could use not to overload your applications, sure where you can do it. Alexey also mentioned that Ruby is not always the best choice, you should consider Erlang, Scala, .NET and even ะก++.



Next presenter was Ryan Bigg, one of the Ruby Heroes of 2011. He told about his impressions while learning Rails and his slides where a nice background for his emotional speech.

New Ryan’s technology BDD (Beer Driven Development) was given enough value on twitter. He advised to travel more to broaden your horizons. We wonder if fans grabbed his t-shirts that he undressed as souvenirs?



Dmitriy Kostiuk told about the platform by Hostpro for hosting Ruby applications – CloudHostpro.

All attendees got the test access to the service. Presentation was followed by a lot of questions as it is on everyone’s mind now.



Next presenter wa Steve Klabnik, who told that he had changed the name of his presentation from “Literate Code” to “Software Composition”.


Alexander Dymo, one of the most charming presenters (perhaps that’s because he is going to marry) told about the possible ways of how to make Rails applications work faster.



The master class by Jonas Nicklas was very useful for all Ruby developers who were present at RubyC conference. Jonas himself was quite calm and ready for action during his hour and a half master class despite a few internet issues.


The first day of RubyC conference ended up with a free beer from organizers. Discussions of presentations, questions, advice were still present in a café long after the end.


Day 2

The first presentation of the second day by Darcy Laycock, was also the first presentation made by Darcy himself. It all went well for Darcy. The phrase “I’m in love with a CofeeScript” was warmly welcomed by the audience.



Timothy N. Tsvetkov not only good at English but with his jokes too. The phrase “Let me speak from my heart” was probably not heard by many people but everyone remembered the photo of his boss.



The presentation of the organizing company by Marat Kamenschykov was about the use of GoF Patterns in Rails. Marat told about how to choose the technology while developing a big project and downsides and difficulties that he faced.



Pat Allan talked slowly and clearly, as he promised. His logically build presentation was highly praised by the audience and was followed by many questions.



Roman V. Babenko was the only one who decided to speak Ukrainian, as the official languages of RubyC were English, Russian and Ukrainian.



Bogdan Gusiev‘s presentation was very interesting for rubyists, cause all Bogdan’s conclusions could help a lot during day-to-day activities of every developer.



Presentation by Sergey Sergyenko from Belarus was held using nice English and nice presentational skills. Sergey’s presentation about the setup of cloud servers for the Ruby projects was great.



Here are some of our speakers and guests:



As a conclusion 

1. No HR specialists were seen while conference, which is strange, as that type of events are the best to get the contacts of good developers.
2. The majority of people who decided to visit the conference registered in the last two weeks, as it usually happens. That led to problems with catering.
3. We can hear people talk about the absence of good places for 100-300 people to hold that type of events in Kiyv. So we hope that it will be improved somehow in future.
4. RubyC conference was one the most important events for the Ruby community, not only because of the quantity of worldwide known gurus but also because of the quantity of attendees as well.

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