Welcome newcomers! 

Here is the list of speakers who will join us this year!⚡️⚡️⚡️

♦️ Halász Dávid (Czechia): “How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby”

♦️ Walerian Sobczak (Poland): “Distributed stream processing in Ruby”

♦️ Aaron Cruz (Austria): “Steal This Talk”

♦️ Dan DeMeyere (US): “Misadventures in Continuous Delivery for the Largest Online Apparel Resale Marketplace”

♦️ Yevhen Kuzminov (UA): “A year with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes"

♦️ Alexey Vasyliev (UA): “Application Security for Rails Engineers”

♦️ Михаил Бортник (UA): “Panel discussion (Open talk)”

There you go! All speakers are announced. Visit https://rubyc.eu/#speakers to learn more!

❤️RubyC thanks everyone who applied; please expect a personal discount sent to everyone personally very shortly! It was incredibly hard to make a choice this year and we cannot express our gratitude to you all for sharing your awesome ideas with us! Hope to see you at the conference in September!