RubyC-2017 announces full AGENDA!

Traditionally RubyC welcomes prominent Ruby experts from Ukraine Marat Kamenschikov, Viacheslav Shvetsov and Bogdan Gusiev, Stanislav Volovyk, Sergiy Kukunin and Anton Honcharuk; and abroad Bozhidar Batsov (Bulgaria), Xavier Noria (Spain), Quentin ADAM (France), Serdar Dogruyol (Turkey), Florian Gilcher (Germany), Piotr Szotkowski and Piotr Solnica (Poland).

This year moderators: Sergei Ponomarov and Ben Lovell!


Piotr Szotkowski: “Ruby Smells”

Xavier Noria: “Little Snippets”

Bozhidar Batsov: “Ruby 4.0: To Infinity and Beyond”

Marat Kamenschikov: “Learning Elixir: gotchas and pitfalls”

Serdar Dogruyol: “Crystal (a Ruby-like programming language)”

Florian Gilcher: “Potential”

Anton Honcharuk: “React integration into existing Rails apps”

This year’s conference will take place in one of biggest Kiev concert hall «Bel Etage», where we will spend two days not only listening and learning, but also having fun on a great AFTERPARTY in the end of the first day.



Open Talk: a morning set of coffee, questions and answers

Piotr Solnica: “A new look at rom-rb”

Bogdan Gusiev: “Optimizing SQL Queries”

Quentin Adam: “Problems in the microservice world”

Viacheslav Shvetsov: “Testing. Why so serious?”

Stanislav Volovyk: “Ruby native extensions”

Sergiy Kukunin: “Tackling complex Ruby architecture”


RubyC expresses deep gratitude to Golden Sponsor - MLSDEV, Ruby Sponsors - Global Logic and TopTal.

For those who come to RubyC from other cities, hotel RUS, our Accommodation Partner, gives a 15% discount. Just say a password “RubyC” when booking a room.

Organizers kindly remind that tickets can be bought only from official website.

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See you on RubyC-2017!