RubyC welcomes Ukrainian stars!

We congratulate 4 wonderful Ukrainian Ruby experts who will present their topics on RubyC-2017! It was not an easy choice, and we thank all who registered this year. We wish you all the best and please come back next year!

Meanwhile here are our finalists!

Anton Honcharuk: “React integration into existing Rails applications”

In my talk I am going to cover how developers might go with integration of React (popular JS lib for building UIs) into existing Rails application. I am going to cover 3 common ways to do that. In addition I will cover how to move from rendering HTML on server (through erb as most existing legacy Rails apps do) to SPA app through that integration. Topic has to dispel any fear which developer think about when he thinks about integrating modern JS lib/framework into existing (legacy) Rails application.

I will cover in a step by step detailed guide how to do that with examples of code and bright presentation.

Areas to cover:

  • 3 ways to integrate React into Rails application
  • React related ecosystem (webpack, es6, node + npm) and how to use it in combination with rails app and shall we ommit the asset pipeline or not?
  • How to move from hybrid React + Rails (erb) app to React (FE) + Rails (back-end API)
  • Particular caveats and problems which can be faced during the migration


Bogdan Gusiev: “Optimizing SQL Queries”

DB optimizations is a topic that 10% of speakers touch in some way. But some of them are focused on the best Database or Hardware configuration. I will try to be more specific on the application side and show how to optimize queries using different techniques: from avoiding the query completely to in-depth SQL query execution guides.


Stas “Raptor” Volovyk  “Ruby native extensions and what's wrong with them”

"ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension" - every ruby developer encounters this some time at his/her career. But have you ever wondered how many gems uses native extensions? What kind of dependencies a gem requires? Have you ever struggled searching what system library gem needs? What package in your OS provides it?


Sergiy Kukunin: “Tackling complex architecture in Ruby”

It's not a secret, that Ruby is a powerful, super flexible and at the same time extremely laconic language. Ruby on Rails is the most popular framework for web applications, and it certainly deserves its honour. But as you may already know, there is no silver bullet, and every tool fits best for a certain type of tasks. And Rails is not an exception.

In this topic I'm going to tell about criteria of good and bad architectures, common approaches of good architecture and how to apply them in the ruby ecosystem. We will go through the basics: a heart of software development, intention-revealing programming, SOLID principles and TDD, and will end with more advanced technics such as domain-driven design and functional programming.

The overview will come with examples and resources applicable to the ruby ecosystem.