Interview for RubyC-2015 with Julian Cheal

I have been working on Ruby since probably 2007. It is when I started working with Ruby, although I don't think I really knew what I was doing until recently.

Ruby changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but there are so many great people and places I've visited because of Ruby.

I love Ruby for the community. Yes the language is nice to write too.

I don't hate Ruby for anything. However maybe for ruining every other programming language because they are not ruby ;)

Most terrible architectural solution/code I have ever met is probably one I coded.

The most spectacular Ruby news in 2014 was that Ruby 2.2 was released!

There will always be the Ruby community, whether we're coding Ruby or Go, we'll still be a community.

Currently I am working on making Ruby better for Robotics.

My dev environment contains TextMate (until recently I was still using it) 1. However I am now using Atom editor, albeit with a TextMate theme! And coffee, I need lots of coffee to code.

My favourite Ruby blogs\communities\websites is Ruby Weekly email newsletter, by Peter Cooper. And the Ruby Rogues podcast.

I recommend the book “JavaScript: The Good Parts” by Douglas Crockford. I've been trying to improve my JS skills recently, and this book is great.

My personal life hack is: Life is too short for bad coffee/beer/food.

If you want to become an expert you should know just slightly more than everyone else.