Miha Rekar interview for RubyC-2015

I have been working on Ruby since 2012.

Ruby changed my opinion on what a good/quality code is and that code can actually be very readable in on itself.
I love Ruby for being open to extension.
I hate Ruby for being open to extension.
Most terrible architectural solution/code I have ever met is 150+ line if statement which was refactored to 6 line case statement.
The most spectacular Ruby news in 2014 was Matz keynote on the future of Ruby.
Life after Ruby will be very sad, because we’ll live in a JavaScript controlled world.
Currently I am working on my conference talk.
My dev environment contains a lot of unneeded crap.
My favorite Ruby blogs\communities\websites are RubySlovenia (of course), RubyFlow and Weissblog.
I recommend Ruby under a Microscope because it gives a deep insight into how Ruby actually works and is guaranteed to widen your horizons.
My personal life hack is 7 minute workout.
If you want to become an expert you should know that we’re all impostors.