Our Ruby Hero presents his topic!

Ara T. Howard is a Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner of http://dojo4.com, he was recognized as a Ruby Hero 2014 and recently has announced his topic, to be presented on RubyC this year!

Theme The Big Mind of Developers: program like you give a damn

Technologists hold the keys behind the most powerful force in the modern world. Recently, they’ve forgotten not only how to wield it, but that they own it. It hasn’t been so long ago that technology represented hope, that it represented power, and, most of all, that it represented change. Our hacker culture has settled, and it now accepts meaningless goals, meaningless rewards, and meaningless lives

We are living at the precise moment when, for the first time in history, the planet is connected at a practical and personal level via a network of hyper intelligent software and hyper intelligent hardware. We live our lives during the very moment when individuals own the greatest power to affect change that they have ever experienced in the history of mankind.

A tipping point may already have been reached: like the printing press, the radio, and the television before it - the makers of the internet may have already given away the deep knowledge to those that seek only the consolidation of wealth and control.

But it may not be too late, the massive proliferation of knowledge, and the flattening of understanding, presents a unique opportunity for those people currently piloting the spaceships: we can choose to continue patrolling the planet and maintaining the status quo, or we can choose to look over our shoulders, to the left, at a that glimmering light in the distance, and set course.