RubyC-2020 first speakers announcement!

RubyC is an international Ruby conference annually organized by Svitla Systems in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are a two-day/one-track event visited by wide and diverse development communities from all across the globe. On 12-13 September 2O2O, we are gathering for the 8th time to spend a weekend devoted to Ruby, Rails and a broader range of useful technical talks.

At this stage, the first part of the usual 14 speakers is announced, while the other half will be traditionally picked up from CFP applications, open by the end of March. If you have ideas to share, don’t hesitate to register. The final list of this year’s stars will follow on 15 April. Until then Early Birds tickets are available.

Since there is quite some time to the event, most speakers are still picking up the best material for their presentations, while some have made up their minds. Follow updates on Twitter or Facebook.

As always, we are very grateful to our Sponsors: MLSDev, Railsware and TopTal. Thank you for supporting and inspiring Ruby community.


Welcome first 2O2O speakers!

Hiroshi Shibata (Japan): a member of Ruby core team, maintains RubyGems, an administrator of and supports to develop the environment of Ruby language.

Maciej Mensfeld (Poland): Ruby Ninja, creator of Karafka framework, active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects including dry-rb libraries and Bundler-Security project.

Jonas Jabari (Germany): CTO for Almondia, a German housing startup, founder of a tech-oriented software startup "matestack”, active Github contributor.

Anna Sherbinina (Luxembourg): popular speaker, for the past decade has been working on Artec3D, recently started MBA, combines business perspective and deep technical experience.

Leonid Shevtsov (Ukraine): programming polyglot, a systems architect with over 12 years of experience in making software, open-source enthusiast, active speaker and blogger.

Mikhail Bortyk (Ukraine): web&system developer for over 8 years, Team Leader for over 6 years, works primarily in Ruby and Javascript, a contributor to mruby/c, Kottans cofounder.

Yurii Artyukh (Ukraine): frontend agency founder, long time HTML/CSS coder, now having a passion for animations and WebGL.

Aleksandra Karpenter (Ukraine): Ruby developer with over 5 years’ experience, community enthusiast, active public speaker, makes APIs with RoR, seen some trailblazer, dry-rb and CBRA.

Talks from previous years