14-15 September 2019, Kyiv

RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and other related technologies.

Every year we invite hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts and developers from various programming groups to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest news, learn from one another, and generally have a wonderful time in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Next year we change our customary timing and meet in September. Do not worry, it is usually still warm.


Katrina Owen

About speaker

Katrina is an Ecosystem Engineer at GitHub. Co-author of '99 Bottles of OOP'. She works primarily in Go and Ruby, contributes to several open source projects, and is the creator of exercism.io, a platform for code practice and programming mentorship. She accidentally became a developer while pursuing a degree in molecular biology. When programming, her focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring.

One Small Step

Refactoring sometimes devolves into an appalling mess. You're chasing a broken test suite, and every change just makes it worse. At other times it's a slow, controlled process culminating in dreadful design. This talk presents an end-to-end refactoring that demonstrates simple strategies to avoid such misadventures.

Benoit Daloze

About speaker

Benoit Daloze is a researcher at Oracle Labs, working on TruffleRuby. He is interested in concurrency and virtual machines. He has contributed to many Ruby implementations, including TruffleRuby, MRI and JRuby. He is the maintainer of ruby/spec, a test suite for the behavior of the Ruby programming language.

Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby

Array and Hash are used in every Ruby program, but current implementations either prevent to use them in parallel (MRI) or lack thread-safety guarantees (JRuby raises on concurrent Array#<<). We show how to make Array and Hash thread-safe while allowing Ruby collections to scale up to tens of cores!

Emily Stolfo

About speaker

Emily works on the Elasticsearch Ruby client and the Rails integrations gems at Elastic. She is also an adjunct faculty of Columbia University where she has taught courses on databases and web development. Although originally from New York, Emily lives in Berlin. She enjoys running at Tempelhofer Feld and making ceramics in her free time.

Beauty and the Beast: Applications and Distributed Systems

Writing code that interfaces with a distributed system is not trivial but we can usually depend on libraries to encapsulate the details. Nevertheless, with more web applications employing service-oriented architectures, web developers must also know how to talk to distributed technologies and be able to handle errors and failures appropriately. This talk will explore common errors and failures so you are better able to understand and predict the behavior of your distributed systems. It will arm you with algorithms and testing strategies so you can tame your services and build robust applications.

Aleksander Dąbrowski

About speaker

Aleksander Dabrowski is a CTO of koleo.pl - the fastest growing train ticket retailer in Poland. He has worked in a variety of start-ups and even in a marketing agency. Aleks works with Ruby for more than a decade, he co-organised Warsaw's Ruby User Group, and was the author of rubysfera.pl, the leading Polish blog focused on Ruby and Rails. Aleks particularly enjoys deleting ulgy code, and in his spare time is city guide of Warsaw, Poland.

10 performance sins of Rails applications

It’s easy to write Rails app. It’s also easy to write slow Rails app. In this talk you will learn abthe out most popular performance smells, and how to fix them. It will include database, caching, views and serialisation anti-patterns.

Yulia Oletskaya

About speaker

Yulia is a Ruby developer from Minsk, Belarus. She is an open source contributor and is passionate about learning new things and sharing knowledge.

RPC frameworks overview

Lately a lot of web developers tend to find out that REST isn't always the ultimate solution for services communication problems. Some people thrift to search for new architectural styles (e.g. GraphQL) and others give a new breath to long-forgotten ol' RPCs. This talk is a brief overview of existing RPC frameworks (e.g. gRPC, Apache Thrift, Twirp) including Ruby specific pitfalls.

Ivan Shamatov

About speaker

Ivan is a Ruby developer since 1.8.6 and rails developer since Rails and Merb merge. Huge part of his carrier was connected with billing domains and now he is fully dedicated to the ruby community at Saint Petersburg.

It's all about money, money, money

Simple scenarios of how to deal with money at your project. Tasks you faced if you've ever tried to implement any kind of billing/payment gateway/exchange/wallet/accounting app.

Dmytro Shapovalov

About speaker

Dmytro Shapovalov began his career in 1996, as a software developer. Spent over 13 years working as the Senior Network Administrator in a large Ukrainian Internet service provider. For a long period, he architected and supported high availability projects, commercial virtualization platforms. Currently, he is an Infrastructure engineer at Cossack Labs, British-Ukrainian company that creates cryptographic tools for software developers. He turns the inventions of security engineers’ into convenient useable products.

Audit Logs. Secure and protected

Every application today generates a lot of telemetry data: logs are the most known example. Logs are used not only for health monitoring but also for recording security-relevant information to be used in intrusion detection or forensic analysis. Logs themselves became a valuable attack targets: they should not leak sensitive info and resist tampering. We will review existing approaches to securing logs (cryptographic protection, masking, pseudonymization) while keeping them convenient to use.

Call for Papers is open till 31.03.2019. Please fill in the form to apply your talk. Thank you!


Our special place, a majestic three-star Premier Hotel RUS is advantageously located right in the centre of Kyiv. The Hotel clambered upon a hill in the very heart of the business and tourist districts of the capital. The famous artery street - Khreshchatyk - is just few steps away. Palats Sportu metro station is located near-by, and the Hotel offers the views of the Olympic Stadium - the main sports arena in Kyiv.

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